Monday, October 26, 2009

Crash their System!

Right now, let's assume that Stardoll has no intentions to revive the "One Stardollar A Day" program. The majority of Stardoll population are the nonsuperstars, right? And I'm pretty sure nonsuperstars stongly hate this new change.

I have this crazy idea ---> If more than one half of the Stardoll population opposes the cancellation of "One Stardoll A Day Program", would Stardoll change it back? I think you had probably heard that site servers sometimes crashes due to too much traffic? What if we crashes the Stardoll system by sending them "mails of protest", would Stardoll realizes their mistake?

Of course, then we would be spamming.. But messages like "Please make a new doll for ____, ps, please bring back the "one stardollar a day" program" wouldn't count as spam but as messages?

Do you think it will work?? 

I will be mailing Stardoll the possibility of bringing the program back ^^

Hey stardoll friends,

I contacted stardoll for the 1sd case.Take a look to their reply:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Hey 1sd fighters^^
So me and the other owners of the blog decided to start the campaigh. So all the followers will tell
us why they want their 1sd back in our gb's ,in comments or in messeges. Then we will take all
the messeges we receive and make them one. The messege we will create we 'll send it everyday at contact us and we will post it to clubs and presentasions we can send broatcasts too.

And we start from now so r u with us?



Saturday, October 24, 2009


Here is the graphic of protest! Please spread the word/graphic!


This is Reira :) This blog "I want my 1sd back!" is campaign to protest againest for stopping the "1sd per day" campaign. Two days ago, all members stopped receiving their daily stardollars for signing in This is due to's decision to stopping giving everyone their free stardollars. This is not a glitch but the truth and the reality.

By creating this campaign "I want my 1sd back"", we hope to get our free stardollars back. Stardoll.tom had been very greedy recently. The price of virtual clothes increased, the cost to buy superstar also increased, and now they are not giving everyone their free stardollars. YES, we still have out free 5sd from Play and Earn but they expires the next day, what's the point?

You can help by becoming a follower and spread the word around! I will be making a graphic advertising soon ^^

Hey stardoll rebels!



  • basilina12

  • reira442

  • lenakilenio

Reason for making this blog:

  • For a big campaign for stardoll.We want our stardollar per day back!

  • If you want you stardollar too follow us to our campaign!



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Hey stardoll members.Im basilina aka basilina , helen aka lenakilenio and reira aka reira422 will have this blog.

we made this blog because we wanted back the 1sd a day we don't get know

there will be a campaigh with a graphic follow and check everyday to help us we the blog and the campaigh.