Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is Reira :) This blog "I want my 1sd back!" is campaign to protest againest for stopping the "1sd per day" campaign. Two days ago, all members stopped receiving their daily stardollars for signing in This is due to's decision to stopping giving everyone their free stardollars. This is not a glitch but the truth and the reality.

By creating this campaign "I want my 1sd back"", we hope to get our free stardollars back. Stardoll.tom had been very greedy recently. The price of virtual clothes increased, the cost to buy superstar also increased, and now they are not giving everyone their free stardollars. YES, we still have out free 5sd from Play and Earn but they expires the next day, what's the point?

You can help by becoming a follower and spread the word around! I will be making a graphic advertising soon ^^