Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Hey 1sd fighters^^
So me and the other owners of the blog decided to start the campaigh. So all the followers will tell
us why they want their 1sd back in our gb's ,in comments or in messeges. Then we will take all
the messeges we receive and make them one. The messege we will create we 'll send it everyday at contact us and we will post it to clubs and presentasions we can send broatcasts too.

And we start from now so r u with us?




basilina12 said...

leave as your messeges

bubblegum said...

I alos have a blog about this. go check it out. its

UKnowULoveMeXD/Daisy said...

I want my stardollar back! After everything you have done to us stardoll, raising prices on EVERYTHING, making everything superstar, glitchs,hacking, after ALL that and you still take away our 1 stardollar a day??? It's the least you could do to repay our loyalty to stardoll, the money and the time we spend to give you your jobs! Why, stardoll, why? So I say once more GIVE US OUR STARDOLLAR BACK!

Kaylen said...

hey, i am ther onwer of the biggest 1sd protest club. please advertise the club: 1sd.protest.

ps, could you write a post about this club?

l i s a ♥ said...

I want my Stardollar back, because I want to buy clothes or anything for more than just 5 SD's!

Aistė. [gggerda] said...

I want 1SD per day back! We can earn stardollars only on Play&Earn, but it's worthless. Just look at the prices! 50$ for a dress? Isn't enough LE? A lot of people will leave StarDoll because it's getin' boring and prices are high. My cousin did&friends did.

Anonymous said...

I want my stardollar back because stardoll OWES us something , they OWE us for joining , they OWE us for going on everyday , they OWE us for us buying expensive things!! they OWE us basicly for everything!! And they proboly did this so people would buy superstar membership!! and now stardoll has gone TOOO FAR with greediness. And soon , most people wont even be bothered to go onto stardoll anymore

from buttercup_100

Inês Oliveira said...

"We all want our 1SD back, this must sound like a joke for all the Stardoll Staff, but we really do. Right now we only can earn the 5SD of Play & Earn, but we can't keep them more than a day and what the hell costs less than 6SD nowadays? Almost nothing! This is only a strategy to make people buying superstar memberships, but it won't work, a lot of people will leave stardoll because of this. First the LE, than higher the prices and now taken the onyl stardollar we could keep to ourselves? That's a shame."

Congratulations for the great blog, I support it! I don't follow it only because I don't have an account on Blogspot.

By: nexolira (on stardoll)

Anonymous said...

I want my stardollar per day because I can only use 5 stardollars per day to buy new close but many clothes etc cost more than 5 Stardollars!


Anonymous said...

I want my sd back.. because the ones who are not SS NEVER recive sd.. so they cannot buy clothes for more than 5 (since the play&earn money disappear. This means it's not use for them playing stardoll.. they can't do anything!!! If you remeber before you got money as a starpoint reward.. than they took it away but they can't take us away also the only little chance to get somemoney for free!!!!!

...Electra.... said...

I want my 1sd back. They have said that the Play&Earn 5 sds were limited but the 1sd wasn't! How are we going to save up? How are we going to buy something for more than 5 sds? How will non-superstars continue playing? It's stupid and it has NO point.

Lenakilenio said...

I want my stardollar back because i can't always buy sds when i want to buy a dress or sth ;/
If they don't give us our 1sd at least they can do sth for have the 5sd longer.

Anonymous said...

I want 1 stardollar back beacuse prices on SD are very very big now ! And we are not their sponsors... stardoll is game for funn not for thefts !


Emii said...

I want my 1 Stardollar back because it was the only thing I had to look forward to!! It's just another reason for me to leave Stardoll...FOR GOOD!!


hayleigh1998 said...

I want my 1sd back because
The prices on stardoll are very high And i don't want to ask for people to buy in my starbazaar and only use 5 stardoll is not so much stardollars
and non-ss can't earn more then 5 stardollars and I want to save


ADJAJA/Anna said...

I want my 1sd back because unlike the Play & Earn feature, these STAY with us, which we can build up and use over-time. Plus, for non-superstars, this is all the get!

waffle.luver said...

We are in a crisis. A crisis that effects everybody, and everything. This includes stardoll. Hi, my usename is waffle.luver, and I lurvee stardoll(: I will admit, though, that stardoll does have its problems...too expensive items, not enough things for non-superstars, lessening the amount of rooms for new non-superstars. Point is, I can go on, and that isn't really a good thing. In the history of me being on stardoll fer two and a half years, the bad things are increasing, and the good things are decreasing. And that, stardoll peoples, isnt exactly a smashing thing, now, is it? Im not being some whiny non-superstar, who wants everything to be free, and doesnt understand that for some people, stardoll is their job, and they need money, but really, taking away one of the small things that us non-superstars look forward to? Since I am a non-superstar currently, and a Ex-superstar, I have experience. And, I know the feeling of saving up money, to buy a dress, shirt, or whatever caught my eye. And, just for your information, you cant really buy anything worth buying with 5 sd, can you? So, pleasse stardoll, please, do NOT take away one of the few things that we have.

Yazzieblue said...

I want my 1 stardollar back :) A lot of us spend real money on stardoll, the least they could do to repay us would be to give our 1 stardollar a day back!

lulita-15 said...

I want my 1SD back, because I WANT CLOTHES! Is just unfair that stardoll took away that idea!! And PLAY & EARN is not a good idea! you have to spend that 5 quickly!!!

Vasia28 said...


Anonymous said...

Stardoll is becoming greedy. Even though i am superstar that doesn't mean even though i get paid every month that i want to have nothing to do when my moneys out(i'm a BIG spender, seriousely, my moneys gone the few days after i get it)!!! believe me i am a HUGE support all of you non-superstars and stardoll won't be so happy when they can't have their 5 millionth member party because nobody joins because of their raised prices and greediness. newborn_vamp09 on stardoll, visit me :D I'd follow if i could!!!

kika.wildchild.sweetypie. said...

ofc i'm with you.....!!!

Yaya said...

Dear Stardoll Staff,
I am writing to you since the 1 stardollar a day campaign ended. I also looked at all the blog about it and the lack of intention you are putting in this protest. We ( Well I did and some of the people on stardoll did ) pay for superstar. Where do you think we get the money ? From our parent, right ? And they WORK to get it. So now imagine. We pay for all the cool oportunity , and then, your getting to greedy. , We have to pay AGAIN to get stardollars. But we stardollers ( as I call people on stardoll) HAVE A LIFE. We maybe need to buy clothes, food, and all the thing we need. And we don´t have money to afford it.
Another example: One of my really good friend non superstar bought a nice dress for 5 stardollar, she had 5 stardollar ( she bought it the day before you deleted the campaign) and then, she had 0, FOREVER. So then you think two things "Good, she will become a superstar" and " There´s still play and earn." But just wanted to let you know stardoll, what if she cant afford it ? You know, money doesn´t come out from the sky. And then you think "Oh well she has play and earn" Yes, Good stardoll, but you missed an episode, The price are getting highter than 5 stardollar, the lack of things she can buy are HORRIBLE
So just to let you know stardoll, yes i am addicted, yes I do ( well use to) love your website, and YES in July, i´m quitting stardoll. And that will happen to all your members, we were about to reach 50 000 000 members, but it might lower down. I know you will see this message and I want ANSWERS !

Your Really Truly