Monday, February 15, 2010

Stardoll says that the max we can gain now is 50 stardollars every month. We used to make 150sd every month but we had to spend them the same day, now you can gain 50 sd every month…. So, you actually gain 100 stardollars less than before…. and from those 50 you can actually save ONLY 10 sd per month. Well, you can also just take one stardollar every day and in this way you get 30 stardollars a month but this still is... lame.

P.S :'I've also made a brand new blog with my BFF on stardoll and we would really appreciate it if you followed us and maybe left some comments



LeiLei said...

hi there ..uhmm.. i heard of a cheat to keep 2 stardollars of your 5 game dollasr ! ... you just get your 5 dollars to spend plus that 1 dollar to keep ..then go to your starblog ..upload a pic ..(but you must tick the codition box ) then finish ..but then click the little trash can on your newest pic upload ok when the window comes up ..and then you have your 2 dollars to keep plus your 1 dollar from games! ;)

silvia Navarro said...

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