Tuesday, January 19, 2010

guys im so happy
we have our 1 sd back !!!!!!!
take a look at this

we take 4 sds and we save 1 sd

seems like the campaign is over and
we got our 1sd back;)



Sophie (spoffs) said...

wow this is great, i didnt get it at first but then i looked on my account and i had 1 extra stardollar.
I was getting quite angry too because i thought stardoll had changed it to only 4 sd, but then i realised we still get 5 XD

vpurple said...


Anonymous said...

But you have to earn it D:
what if you dont have the
time to play a game ?

Anonymous said...

If I get 9 followers on my blog, I WILL GIVE THE 8TH AND 9TH FOLLOWER A PRIZE!

Anonymous said...

I still miss the old version... And there's a new game! It's a word-search, but it's hard for me... :)

Anonymous said...

the truth is that our 1sd is missing... earlier we could get 6sd daily and now only 5 :/

Alex said...

omg are you stupid? it isnt one stardollar per day because if it was 1 sd per day you get it everyday without playing. And stupid is that : we can have only 5 stardollars !! :(

Claire401 said...