Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Hey im sorry long time no talk . Anyway we have to act quick and be together to bring the one stardollar back again . So all that time i was working on the letter we wills end to stardoll from now .

so this is it 

Hey stardoll stuff!

Im writting this letter to tell that we need our 1 sd back .After everything you have done to us stardoll, raising prices on EVERYTHING, making everything superstar, glitchs,hacking yout ake our 1sd the only thing that we needed so much. We can earn stardollars only on Play&Earn, but it's worthless. Just look at the prices! 50$ for a dress? Isn't enough LE? A lot of people will leave StarDoll because it's getin' boring and prices are high. The ones who are not SS NEVER recive sd.. so they cannot buy clothes for more than 5 (since the play&earn money disappear. This means it's not use for them playing stardoll.. they can't do anything!How are we going to save up? Without the 1sd. the 1sd was ht eonly think everyone looked forward to take it was givin us th chance to save money and buy whatever we want. And in the end of this letter i want to say that if you the stardoll stuff don't want to lose more members (And you have lost some because of these) better bring us our 1sd.

so i tried hard to put all of the posts you gave us together thank you for supporting us and continue doing thiss.

if you want me to add something tell me in comnts and tell your opinion too.




Anonymous said...

Yeah. And why then they put a non-superstart dress for more tahn 5 stardollars? Are they joking, or what!?

They have to give us back 1 stardollar per day!

Anonymous said...

yeeh. non superstars wont be able to save money at all.
and i hve 300 days of superstar but no money. :(

basilina12 said...

so you know hwat to do if everyone sends that tos tardoll everyday it maybe work

vpurple said...

Great idea! I sent one earlier aswell x

btw. You've made a couple spelling mistakes but otherwise its good

|`Dei said...

Yeah, I am barely on Stardoll other than to check mail and change me-doll's hair and clothes, its a bore for most times, and I havent felt like refilling SS, just seems like a waste of my time for what? Boring-ness...

Nuff-said <3

Love Dei* / To_Royal

Anonymous said...

I have an idea: if they don't give us the 1sd back we can always suggest (beg) them to give it by christmas time? like, 2/3weeks of 1sd per day?

Riley Grace said...

I myself am also a stardoll user.
But, you can't just be outraged by what they've done.
You have to see a reason WHY they did it.
They have to get money to be able to KEEP the brands and labels. And buy just giving out a dollar-a-day, nobody is going to buy ANY stardollars.
Making them lose profits.

Yes, I know it is unfair.
But you have to see it from their point aswell.

Mabey as a solution we can get back the whole;
10 Stardollars everytime we reach a new starpoint level.

Atleast then Stardoll is still able to make it's profits, and we are still able to get our free stardollars.



luckygal28 said...

lol, awesomee :DDD
i think it is stardoll STAFF

sweet-kitty said...

i haven't been on stardoll since the 1 sd thing ended.
at this time i had 2 sd.
now i have 52 sd!
does anyone know why?

Noisepop Blog said...
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Noisepop Blog said...

You have a lot of grammatical errors in this letter, and it really doesn't make any sense..although I do agree with what your trying to say. This letter needs to be revised.

Catlover103 said...

I sent it to Stardoll, just it had to be edited A LOT! Plus I took out the threatening bit.

DoctiL said...

Nothing is unfair about what Stardoll is doing and has always been doing. A majority of their users are blinded by the site and become as addicted to it as an addict to drugs. It is greed that has motivated them to take advantage of the naive and addicted users, because they know you are too stupid to stop allowing them. It's wrong, but you guys complain. You don't try to stop it, or stop yourselves, you're walking right into their trap.

If you don't want them to keep raising prices, stop giving them money. Even if you aren't paying for Stardollars or membership, rather you simply play on the site or others buy them for you, you are still producing an income. If you are unhappy, leave, because nothing is ever going to change. If I was in the position of any current user, I'd sell of all my stuff to someone who was willing to pay me in paypal payments, or something else I could actually use in RL for real things! Anyways, this has gone from a long comment to a short story. People always seem to think that they can change this website, despite all the [failed] attempts before them. And nothing they do is different.

-- d

p.s. don't take this as a comment from someone who's never been on Stardoll, let alone addicted, because I have. I've seen their crap and experienced even more of it. It's just another e-company motivated by greed, and the fact that most of the users are young girls with disposable income only makes it easier and more enticing for them to take advantage of people.

*future*celeb* said...

visit my blog yo!

hurry and follow to get free stuff from stardoll!!
Also, vote on next week's theme!

Anonymous said...

ya now on the cristmas calender it says 0sd but they charge u 4

Betty_Boooop said...

Great Letter ! :] 
I hope they will listen :] 
Even if Im SS I still want my 1sd back ! :]

Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

if you want the best free stuff go to

And to get 10sd go to my account, account settings then scroll to the bottom and like ur stardoll to ur facebook. If u dont have a facebook make a fake one then.

Steph said...

They've gotten BASIC into Stardoll. Dull cuts, dull colors, no wonder it's cheap.
A cheap BASIC always looks cheap on you (well, but not for the white pencil skirt) but we can't afford to buy anything else (well, a lot of non-ss do, but not me. I've saved.)
Play & Earn is like a joke.

New Mag coming to Stardoll : 01.01.10