Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Hey im sorry long time no talk . Anyway we have to act quick and be together to bring the one stardollar back again . So all that time i was working on the letter we wills end to stardoll from now .

so this is it 

Hey stardoll stuff!

Im writting this letter to tell that we need our 1 sd back .After everything you have done to us stardoll, raising prices on EVERYTHING, making everything superstar, glitchs,hacking yout ake our 1sd the only thing that we needed so much. We can earn stardollars only on Play&Earn, but it's worthless. Just look at the prices! 50$ for a dress? Isn't enough LE? A lot of people will leave StarDoll because it's getin' boring and prices are high. The ones who are not SS NEVER recive sd.. so they cannot buy clothes for more than 5 (since the play&earn money disappear. This means it's not use for them playing stardoll.. they can't do anything!How are we going to save up? Without the 1sd. the 1sd was ht eonly think everyone looked forward to take it was givin us th chance to save money and buy whatever we want. And in the end of this letter i want to say that if you the stardoll stuff don't want to lose more members (And you have lost some because of these) better bring us our 1sd.

so i tried hard to put all of the posts you gave us together thank you for supporting us and continue doing thiss.

if you want me to add something tell me in comnts and tell your opinion too.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Latest News

Well,I sent a message to stardoll if it is true that

they will delete stardoll and they haven't answer me yet.

If i have more news i'll let you know ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fake News

I came across this picture

I can tell you that this is a FAKE!This image is merely a poorly made "screenshot" of a Stardoll mail.If you look at the sides, it's obvious that the uneven edges were caused by paint work AKA copying and pasting. Also, the Stardoll staff does not center the "Yours Truly" part. Lastly, Why is there a huge chunk of space underneath??

In conclusion, Stardoll is NOT closing and this is a fake image. It would be weird if Stardoll would close because of that. Wouldn't they be the one losing money by closing?